Math Lesson

Hello folks!
This story was the first I do with my Patreon community.
After each parts of the story, I posted a poll to let them choose what’s gonna happen next.

I’ll add the poll anwser between each part to let you see how cool this experience was 🙂


To download the full animated scenes for Virt-A-Mate, you can find them here :


Answer for part 2:

She get “scientifically” amazed by Tony’s perfect dick, kneel to look at it closer and to do some “experiences”


Answer for part 3 :

Cindy is touched by Tony’s naivety and decides to teach him some tips about sex. She offers him to go to his bedroom for the next part

Answer for part 4 :

Tommy’s dad enter the bedroom and interrupt them in action! He want to talk with her parents but she try to change his mind


Answer for part 5 :

Tonny’s dad park the car and they have rough sex on the back seat (END)


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